Frequently Asked Questions

What is Game of Shows?

Game of Shows is an interactive platform for you and your friends to showcase your knowledge about TV Shows and how well you can predict what will happen. Have you ever had the feeling that you knew what would occur in the next episode of Game of Thrones? If the answer is yes, time for you to use your knowledge to play with your friends.

How it works?

We have tried to keep it simple but at the same time tried our best to give you ample of liberty to customize the game as much as possible.

To begin, you need to create an account.

Next, you create a league or join via an invite from your friends.

After that, you can start adding/dropping show characters that you think are most likely to score points based on the standard template (or rules you’ve picked). You will have the opportunity to do this as much as you like every week. However, once the system locks your lineup before the episode, you won’t be able to change your team for that episode any longer.

You follow the same cycle throughout the season. Make sure that you constantly keep yourself updated with the leaderboard and activity logs to see what your friends are planning!

Our philosophy

Fun > Structure.

When you use the app you will notice that you are able to input your own scores, make changes to custom leagues, and that everyone has basically “manager” access. This is because we believe that the best applications allow for people to use them in the way they want. So instead of putting massive limits on what you can do within the app, we instead showcase what is happening at any given time with an activity log (which you can see once you join a league).

With that in mind, have a blast, don’t cheat (people can see when you do), and enjoy taking your tv watching to the next level!

What are the rules?

Rules are things that can happen where you score points.

Common rules seen on templates include:
- Point for being seen on screen
- Increased points for killing another person
- Loss of points for dying
- Increased points for mocking someone else
- Decreased points for being mocked

You can see our standard league rules for TV Shows we actively support here.

The general rule of thumb when picking rules is not to do specific ones for one character but ones that could apply to many individuals.

Why do I have to input my own pts?

Since we can't be everywhere and know all the rules you want to play with, our system requires you to input your own pts episode to episode. We know it requires a bit of effort from you but won't it be exciting to update your own points each week and see yourself climb up the leaderboard to ultimately defeat your friends?

In the future if we get enough people volunteering or donations we might see about someone updating our standard templates. Until then, we’re excited to see where this goes.

What is locking of lineup and why does it matter?

Because TV shows all air at different times and on different schedules, we need to rely on our users to mark when to lock in lineups before episodes air. This is so people don't cheat and watch the episode and then change up their team accordingly. This also allows you to pick specific times to lock in lineups if you play with an old show.

We recommend doing it midnight EST the day before the episode comes out in case different people are watching in different time zones.

Again in the future if we get enough people volunteering or donations we might see about someone doing this for our standard templates. We are always ready to adapt and change in the future, but until then let’s stick to this.

What are league templates?

We have two different options for league templates: ‘Standard’ and ‘Custom’

Standard templates use our default rules that you are not able to add/remove and include a default set of characters that we provide that you can add to as the season goes on. For these specific templates, we pick rules that we believe create a competitive and fair gameplay.

Custom templates are fully customizable by you. These are great in that you can choose what characters to include, as well as create specific rules and point configurations for different shows (or even different situations like obscure sports, movies, office events, and more).

Both templates require league members to update their own scores to provide accurate stats. We make it easy with links to our “update scores” page that you can update in real time as you watch the show!

What happens if new characters are introduced as the season progresses?

Excellent question. As characters are introduced you can add the character to the system from the “Characters” tab. From that point on, you will be able to choose that character for the rest of the season.

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