Welcome to Game of Shows!

If I truly do the math, this had been years in the making. I've spent hundreds of hours of reading and watching game of thrones and even more playing fantasy sports. This undertaking is my attempt to combine all the worlds I love into one great application that you can use for really anything (even outside of TV shows).

This continues to be a fun side project for myself and Vis and we hope that we are creating an awesome experience for you to nerd out more with your favorite shows and have one more great thing to do with your friends. It's wild for me to see this an app in action as we first tested this concept entirely off Google sheets during the last season of Game of Thrones.

As we have time and the money to do so, we're working to constantly add new features and make everything better. If you have ideas or want to get involved, please share them to support@gameofshows.co.

Also if you feel like donating to the cause, you can through our Venmo @gameofshows to support our expansion.

So enjoy and remember in the Game of Shows, you either win or you die 😉


Our Team

Spencer Hoffman
Spencer Hoffman

Big time nerd and thrill seeker. To chat more about how we came up with this or really anything, reach out any time at Gmail or follow me on insta

Vishal Rahane
Vishal Rahane

My friends prefer calling me Vis! I'm currently pursuing my Masters in CS at USC. I met Spencer when I moved to Bay Area for my internship with A9.com (Amazon Adtech). How we got into this is yet another story which we can talk over having our favorite salad! (jk :p). If you think we can be friends or have inputs to improve the platform, connect with me on fb or insta